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About us

bid shopping has come a long way since launching the UKs first-ever live auction TV shopping channel in 2000. Now with two TV channels to our name bid and pricedrop, we have forged a reputation as one of the UKs best-loved multichannel retailers. With a unique mix of fantastically sourced products and over 300 hours of live demonstrations each week, we continue to bring bargains to life for millions of happy customers throughout the UK.

Right from the start, our expert buying teams have worked hard to ensure our customers get the best products at the best prices. From fashion clothing and homewares to electricals and textiles, we pride ourselves on the diversity and quality of the items we bring to air. In fact, we make over 10 million deliveries to satisfied customers across the country every year an impressive achievement, if we do say so ourselves.

But what really sets bid shopping apart is the amount of time and effort we spend getting to know our products. From our buying teams to the studios, we all know and believe in the items we choose to sell. Each and every one of our presenters is passionate about the products they bring to your screens, be it the latest digital camera or designer fragrance.

Unlike shopping on the highstreet, we have the added bonus of being able to demonstrate how each product works, providing customers with all the details they need to make an informed purchase all whilst delivering our own unique brand of entertainment. Whether watching from the comfort of your own sofa at home or seeing what we have to offer online, bid shopping quite literally brings bargains to life!

With all this to offer and more, its no wonder that 98% of our customers said they planned to buy from us again five years in a row. So why not join our millions of satisfied customers today and see what bid shopping can do for you!

The Channels

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The fast, fun and interactive shopping channel - with a huge range of products on offer almost 18 hours a day.
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The revolutionary falling-price shopping channel - where the price drops until everything is sold.