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bid tv

An engaging, fast-paced and fun shopping channel, bid tv is available in millions of digital TV homes, via Virgin TV, Freeview, Freesat, Sky and on the web.

bid tv viewers are able to buy a variety of quality products during more than 100 compelling live sales every day from 7:45am - 1:30am. Operating on a continually falling price dynamic, bid tv is exciting, interactive and involving, adding a competitive edge to home shopping.

bid tv studio

The channel offers a wide range of leading brand products ranging from the latest electronics and jewellery to fashion accessories and home furnishings - all sold on a business to consumer basis.

bid tv viewers are able to choose when to join in a sale once the price is right for them. During each sale the price of the product will continue to drop until they are all sold, at which time all those who joined in the sale pay the lowest closing price. Choosing when to enter a sale and how much to pay is the key to what makes buying with the channel exciting - if a viewer leaves it too late they could miss out.

The audience can buy the same products at the same time either via our website or via their TV (TV viewers buy by phone) and once a buyer enters a sale and buys, they cannot get knocked out.

Join the fun at or on the TV at Virgin TV 745, Freeview 23, Freesat 802 and Sky 654.

Did you know?

  • » 96% of customers
    have rated our products as excellent.
    * Source: Customer Survey Averages
    2003 08